Make a positive impact with your organization!

Share nutrition in a valuable and socially engaged project, by  sponsoring for the benefit of the Leiden community. In a partnership of specialists and volunteers, we cultivate the highest quality of organic vegetables for the 600 households that depend on Voedselbank Leiden. Is your organization willing to join us?

Whether you prefer to make a one-time donation, provide monthly support, or opt for annual contributions, you can do so through our website.


What we can do with your donation

The fresh vegetables kick-start

For €50.00, your company can help a family get fresh vegetables for one whole month. A wonderful amount to sponsor as a promotional gift with social engagement. We are happy to assist you in a brainstorm session to find suitable ways to present this gift to your corporate relations.

Annual vegetable celebration

With a contribution of €330.00 per year, your company helps a family obtain vegetables of the best quality for an entire season. For approximately 30 weeks, they can enjoy a varied diet of vegetables, that provide them with ample nutritional value.

Green for the future

Our goal for 2024 is a harvest of 325 portions of fresh vegetables per week, requiring an investment of €22,750. Both Ekklesia Leiden and Voedselbank Leiden contribute 10% of the seasonal costs. Will your company join with an additional €2,275?


An autonomous project, driven by volunteers

Stichting De Groentedeler is a private, sustainable, socially engaged project that grows every year. Funds are raised and a team of experts guarantees the quality and growth necessary for a reliable and future-proof organization. Numerous volunteers, including heavyweights from the horticultural sector, advisors, politicians and bankers, continue to  propel this project forward.


Social impact with corporate gifts and events

Send your corporate relations a symbolic package full of the best vegetables for Stichting De Groentedeler, complete with your message and logo. Alternatively you could host an event focused on sustainable food production and healthy nutrition to stimulate connection and awareness. To complement your event, we could offer the possibility for one of our experts to share valuable insights on agriculture, nutrition and sustainability.