Join us!

By sowing, harvesting and sharing together, we can make a difference! Therefore, we are genuinely grateful that you want to contribute to our goal of providing fresh vegetables to everyone in Leiden and its surroundings. Your help, either financially or in time and labor, is necessary to achieve our goals.

Join us! class=


Help us to provide the families at Voedselbank Leiden with healthy food. From a single financial contribution to monthly or annual support. From assistance during the harvesting period to donating via an inheritance: everything is possible and welcome. Within this collaboration, we can share the highest quality organically grown vegetables.


Show your social commitment and contribute to creating a healthier and more sustainable food chain. With your contribution, you help families at Voedselbank Leiden to access the best quality, sustainably grown organic vegetables. We connect, collaborate, share and raise awareness to create a healthy perspective for the future.


Contribute to a social project centered around connecting, collaborating and raising awareness. A project in which the importance of making healthy food accessible for everyone is supported by numerous volunteers. Together, we ensure families at Voedselbank Leiden of healthy, organic and sustainably grown vegetables.


Ways to contribute

There are plenty of ways to support those in need. You can contribute to Stichting De Groentedeler by assisting in the garden, or by taking action with your friends, family, colleagues and neighbors. We are also happy to inspire you with some ideas:

  • Request a donation as a (birthday) gift.
  • Organize an offertory or fundraising event.
  • Set up a sponsorship campaign where people reward you for your performance.
  • Donate some of your (end-of-year) bonus or holiday allowance.
  • Make a social contribution with a donation as a promotional gift.
  • Organize a staff event centered around raising awareness of healthy nutrition.
  • Donate a percentage of profits on certain products or services.
  • Contribute with agricultural materials, organic seeds and high-quality plants.

What we can do with your support

Every contribution brings us closer to providing healthy food for those who require it most. Specifically, this means that a family can enjoy fresh vegetables for a month with a contribution of €50.00. For €330.00 we can offer the same family fresh vegetables for an entire harvest season.


Our goal for 2024

As a private initiative, ensuring continuity is our greatest challenge. To support customers of Voedselbank Leiden with healthy food, we want to expand annually, aiming for 325 portions of freshly harvested vegetables every week in 2024. An ambition which assures Voedselbank Leiden of nearly 10,000 portions of fresh vegetables during this season. This seems ambitious, but it is still not sufficient to provide all the customers of De Voedselbank with fresh vegetables on the four days that they receive support. It is therefore, that we need your help to continue expanding, and making fresh vegetables available for everyone.