Practical information and ANBI-status

In 2023 Stichting De Groentedeler, received the ANBI-status. An acknowledgement for organizations with a social objective. This entails that donations to Stichting De Groentedeler are not only beneficial for customers of Voedselbank Leiden, they are also tax-deductible. All the required information about our foundation and the ANBI-status can be found on this page. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you want to contribute to Stichting De Groentedeler.


General information

RSIN number: 865045495
Chamber of Commerce number: 89627660
Account number: NL65TRIO0320645754

Remuneration policy

Stichting De Groentedeler operates without any official employees. From the board to the hard-working members who assist in the garden, everything is done voluntarily. While board members may receive reimbursement for reasonable expenses incurred in their roles, they do not receive compensation for their efforts.

A periodic gift

In the Netherlands, you can arrange to donate a periodic gift, by signing a donation agreement. This arrangement confirms that you will donate the same amount of money each consecutive year for a period of at least 5 years. In this way, your donations are tax-deductible and Stichting De Groentedeler is able to continue helping the less fortunate in our society. Just click the button below and sign your personal agreement.


In addition to a periodic gift, it is possible to include Stichting De Groentedeler in your will. You can ensure sufficient healthy vegetables for everyone who needs them, by donating part of your assets in the unfortunate case of your decease.



  • 2023


  • 2023


Stichting De Groentedeler is committed to:

  • Promoting and enabling the production of sustainable and healthy food in the local community.
  • Providing sustainably produced vegetables to those in need, such as customers of the Voedselbank.
  • Fostering connections between urban and rural residents.

Our policy

A carefully crafted policy plan outlines the objectives and its vision for a bright future of Stichting De Groentedeler. Download the plan and don’t hesitate to contact us if any questions arise.

Board members in November 2023

Peter Klapwijk, resigning and eligible for reappointment in September 2027

Marga Bakker, resigning and eligible for reappointment in September 2026

Jan Blok, resigning and eligible for reappointment in March 2027