Contribute to a socially driven project!

This is a collaborative effort centered around connection, community and sustainability, where people come together to support the less fortunate. Where we collectively work to raise awareness about healthy nutrition and a better, more sustainable future for everyone. Help us unite the interests of people and society.

Whether you prefer to make a one-time donation, provide monthly support, or opt for annual contributions, you can do so through our website.


What we can do with your donation

Annual vegetable celebration

For €330.00, a family from Voedselbank Leiden receives a whole season’s worth of fresh vegetables. With this source of essential nutrients, we strive to foster growing awareness about healthy nutrition within our community and a varied diet for everyone.

Vegetable boost for five

With a contribution of €1,650.00, your fund will make a lasting impact. This amount supports a total of 5 families with fresh vegetables for an entire season, all harvested directly from the garden and handed out to Voedselbank Leiden by our volunteers.

Green for the future

The goal for 2024 is a harvest of 325 portions of fresh vegetables per week, requiring an investment of €22,750. Both Ekklesia Leiden and Voedselbank Leiden contribute 10% of the seasonal costs. Will your fund participate with an additional amount of €2,275?


Together for a better future

We aim to promote this initiative, to become stretched out across the country. With the support of your fund, we will continue to use our knowledge and experience to inspire growers and cities nationwide. Our commitment is to ensure that everyone has access to healthy nutrition and is sufficiently aware of the processes in food production, thus enabling them to contribute to shaping a better future.


Sustainability and education

A better future starts with awareness. By bringing people from the city and the countryside together, we are creating connections, not only among each other but also in connection with the soil. This constitutes the basis in educating and informing people about sustainable cultivation, agriculture, healthy nutrition and the more durable options which people have in their daily lives. By working together, we can ensure a healthy living environment for everyone.